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We are excited that Singer/Songwriter Meredith Andrews will be opening our Friday night session with a concert at the Crowns Conference 2013 in January!

Meredith Andrews has seen the impact music can have on people's lives, but it's not her agenda she wants to share. Her songs are laced with scripture because of her passion for sharing the word of God. "I never want to write songs just to write songs. I always want them to be about conveying the heart of God to people, whether they are people who walk with the Lord or people who don't walk with the Lord," she says. "I think the best way to do that is to do it through His word. I always want my songs to be infused with the word of God because if it's my words, it's null and void. What do I have to say to people that is going to change their lives? Nothing! But if it comes from the Lord, that's what's going to change them."

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Watch a video invitation from Meredith!